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60ct Bottle of 100% Whole Muscadine Grape Seed

Muscadinegrapes prove not all SuperFruits need to come from exotic places. Think if youhave seen one grape you have seen them all? You must have never seen theMuscadine grape! Muscadine grapes grow in not so exotic places like - Georgia,North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. These are not the type of places wenormally find SuperFruits - but the research does not lie, Muscadines aresuper!

Whatmakes Muscadine grapes different?

Muscadinesactually have an extra pair of chromosomes. Normal grapes have 19 pairs ofchromosomes, while Muscadine grapes have 20 chromosomes. It is believed thatthis extra pair of chromosomes allows Muscadine grapes to productsphytochemicals that are not found in any other grape.

EllagicAcid - The Secret Agent in the Muscadine Grape
It isalso believe that an extra pair of chromosomes is the reason that Muscadinescontain Ellagic Acid. Ellagic Acid is not found in any other grape, so this isone of the reasons the Muscadine grape is considered a super grape. Why isEllagic Acid so important? There are numerous studies underway investigatingthe roll Ellagic Acid can play in cancer prevention. Ellagic Acid may aide inchemoprevention. Chemoprevention is a term that means to chemically preventcancer from occurring, growing or metastasizing. There is great interest inchemoprevention (not to be confused with chemotherapy) because it may be thebest way to fight cancer; stop it from growing before it reaches a level thatcauses problems.

WhatElse Can Muscadine Help With?
Muscadineis much more than just a great source of Ellagic Acid. Muscadine grapes have 6times the resveratrol as red grapes. In addition, Muscadines have moreantioxidants than red grapes and they are packed with phytonutrients. We couldfill a book with details on the health benefits of the Muscadine grape - ut inshort, it can help increase energy, regulate blood sugar, reduce free radicals,help the body build and repair and increase mental clarity.

HowCome Muscadine Grapes Are Not More Popular?

It isa sad secret of this industry, companies loves selling fruits from far awayplaces with mythical stories. Supplement companies want to tell you a smalltribe lives in some remote rain forest and eats Super Berry X and they all liveto be 130 years old.

Muscadinedoes not have the mystique of coming form an exotic land. What Muscadine doeshave is more science and clinical date than 99% of the SuperFruits being pushedon consumers.